A True Adventurers Delight

One of Nepal’s newest rivers open for rafting and kayaking, it certainly lives up to its name, “The Jewel in the East”.

This sparkling river hails its waters from the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, which straddles Nepal’s border in the east.

The Tamur is one of the most remote rivers in the country and offers up a spectacular rafting / trekking combination trip that’s going to take your breath away. The rivers isolation make it a less traveled place and a fantastic white water and cultural experience as you get a first hand experience of village life along the way.


The river itself is accessed by three days of trekking, and in its 131 raftable kilometer length, there are some 120 rapids, which sure as heck mean you area going to be in for the ride of your life, with the non stop white water of this ripper of a river. The unspoiled and barely inhabited environments of this river make for an unforgettable trip.


Meeting Point: Adrenaline Rush Kathmandu/ Adrenaline Rush Pokhara Office 6:30
Start Rafting From: Doban to Chatra
Rafting: Trekking 3-4 Days/ River Days - 6
River Distance: 131km
River Class: 4-/4+
Season: Best time : October to Novemer, March to April


  • Off the beaten path
  • Beautiful trek to the river
  • Amazing scenery
  • Amazing Continuous Rapids
  • Rugged Aventure
  • Least run Rafting Expedition in Nepal

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1998 saw the addition of the Tamur onto the commercial rafting list for Nepal and it has since quickly become a popular river for the rafting “connoisseurs”. For a rafter, its the kind of river that feels too good to be true. With its length and amount of rapids it has an immense amount of white water interest for the rafter, that doesn’t pettier out as you progress but gets better. There is a short day or so of mellow water in the middle to allow the rafter to suck in some air, relax racing pulses and get a good look at the mind blowing scenery.


The river is best kayaked in lower water conditions and is one for experienced kayakers only. It’s an ideal river to run with raft support and light kayaks. There are lots of surging eddies and surf waves and the river very much improves as you progress down it. The ferocity of the river make it a serious challenge for the experienced Kayaker who wants to take on the wilds and remoteness of Nepal and battle wills with the forces of nature.

Tamur Rafting and Kayaking Itinerary

Leaving Kathmandu early in the morning we make the sixteen hour drive to Dharan where we can spend the night. The next day is a shorter truck ride up Basantapur where we will arrive in the mid afternoon, here we will make a camp and arrange porters and equipment for our trek into the river wilderness. Basantapur can also be reached in a day by a flight and short drive from Kathmandu, depending upon your budget.
n the morning we will be greeted by some whily looking but sturdy porters who will load up and lead us along the trail through the villages and farms along a very picturesque ridge. Our easy trek slowly winds up to a 10000 foot pass above the sacred lake named Gupha Pokhari before plummeting into the rich green Tamur Valley. From this ridge we can get splendid views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Everest and Mount Makalu. Along the trek we will stop over night in camps where the trekking team will prepare hearty meals and local villagers will stand around staring in amazement out our odd ensemble. Finally after three long days we will reach to Doban, where our wild river expedition will begin.
After breakfast we break up camp and set up the rafts at which point your guides will issue you with the standard rafting equipment, a paddle, a helmet and a life jacket. We then head to the river for our safety briefing. Listen carefully for instruction and how to act upon the guide’s commands, not falling out of the raft and having a good time. Of course we will also tell you what to do in the likely event of you falling out of the raft. Be AWARE the first 20 odd kilometers of this river is virtually one big rapid, no time for warm ups here lads, hold on, learn fast  how to paddle and make sure our gears tied in fast as its gunna be a long wild ride until you can get a clean change of underwear! In these four days we will pass 120km of outstanding, adrenaline pulsing white water with about 100 rapids. Of course we will have a rest day to mend blisters, staunch our nerves and of course relax in the magnitude of this pristine river environment.
This river is not one that mellows as it gets lower, infact this lower section of the Tamur is steep. The jungle lets out to green terraced rice fields as we are flushed down this challenging but fun section of rapids, cascading waves and chutes of foam. Our last night on the river is spent in the camp and we once again get to sample the tasty treats whipped up by our river team.
Finally the raging torrent lets up and we enter the flat Teri land to our take out point. We wish this wild river a merry good bye as it heads into India and we head for the long bus ride back to Kathmandu, a hot shower and a cold drink with which to relive our memories over. A shorter option is a flight to Kathmandu, or your trip can be extended with a Safari into Chitwan National Park.
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