Best Camp in Nepal

Yep, at least that's what we think!   But we may be a bit biased - after all it is not only the basecamp for many of our rafting trips, it's also out home.  Our camp is built on our family’s land.  It is land that is alive with the spirit and culture of Nepal much like our family.


We gentle crafted our camp within our working farm terraces so that we would compromise the least amount of the fertile fields. We have worked hard to maintain a small footprint on our precious land.  Our few permanent structures include, A Large Dining Hall, Toilets, and A Kitchen.  Our camp is our home here, coming to life with daily doses of Nepali culture and color.   The water is our passion and our lifeline. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to share it all with you!

At anytime of year you will find the seasonal crops in various stages of growth and also, be reaping the benefits on the dinner table.


Bamboo/Mud Huts

Nepali Cooking Class

Relax with Us

You'll Love It

Great for family adventures, action seekers and those just looking for an authentic Nepali get-away! Whether you are rafting, canyoning or kayaking in Nepal our camp is one of the best places to do everything. Conveniently located between Kathmandu and Pokhara and just a short ride to Chitwan National Park our camp is easily accessible.  You don't have to be on a rafting adventure to enjoy this place.

Stay as long as you like.  Many people want to stay with us after their time is over.  And we enjoy having you!  With your extra time you can add on more days of your favorite activities or choose to just enjoy the calm of camp.  Some of our favorite pastimes at camp include volleyball, all types of games, singing, reading, swinging in the hammocks, afternoon naps, village walks, exploring new places, and much more.   It is a great place to enjoy and  relax in the real Nepal.   Take the time to visit us and see Nepal with all of its beauty and the truly welcoming people that make it the special place it is.

Sustainable Living

Here at Adrenaline Rush, we understand how precious and fragile our planet is.   We constantly strive to live with as minimum impact as possible.  From our business to our personal life we are happy to try our best when it comes to the planet.  The planet is our true home, everyone home.   At Camp Iccha we farm using sustainable and organic methods, we plant trees for all different reasons and harvest from the table to the workshop.   When we buy we do our best to source as much as we can from the local villages that surround us.



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